Board of Directors

Ashok has over 25 years of notable experience and knowledge

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Ashok Agarwal

MD & CEO - GreenCell Mobility

Satish Mandhana is a Senior Managing Director and Chief Investment

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Satish Mandhana

Senior Managing Director & CIO - EverSource Capital

Prasanna Desai joined EverSource in 2018. Prasanna has over 20

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Prasanna Desai

Managing Director & Head of Operations - EverSource Capital

Shishir Maheshwari is an Executive Director at EverSource Capital with

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Shishir Maheshwari

Managing Director - EverSource Capital

GreenCell Team

Sumit has over 15 years of experience in Project &

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Sumit Mittal

Chief Financial Officer

Dr.Rajani Tewari is a doctorate in HR Management with over

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Dr. Rajani Tewari

Chief People Officer

Nigel is a seasoned marketing professional with over 20 years

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Nigel Saldhana

Head - Marketing

Ajay has around 26 years of experience in the areas

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Ajay Kumar Dhal

Head - Customer Experience

Godwin has over 25 years of experience in Automotive Aftersales

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Godwin Mitra

Head - Fleet Maintenance

Ritesh Has over 20 years of experience in the Infrastructure,

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Ritesh Pandit

Head - Projects

Vishal has over 22 years of experience in Sales, Marketing,

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Vishal Singh Thakur

Head - Sales & Distribution

Premkant brings over 22 years of experience in Information and

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Premkant Golwalkar

Head - Information Technology

Betsy has over 20 years of experience in leading and

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Betsy Vincent

Head - Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Arpit has been part of mobility sector for over 5

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Arpit Agarwal

Head - Strategy

Virender has 25+ years of highly diverse experience in the

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Virender Singh

Head - PMO & Business Excellence