Why GreenCell?

A career at GreenCell is not just a job – it’s an opportunity to fulfill India’s commitment towards the emerging needs of the society and environment responsibility.

Together, we are on a mission to improve the state of the world we live in and we have just started off…

Intrinsic to our functioning is a mindset that embraces Critical Questioning, Innovation, Technology, Continuous Improvement, Collaboration and Customer Delight, powered by a People-centric Culture where each one of them are challenged constantly and are given the opportunity to develop their potential. If you are excited by the prospect of fulfilling a higher purpose and making a significant impact on the future of how India travels – then GreenCell is the right place, rather a home for you!

So, don’t miss the BUS…An electric one for a change!

Ten Reasons why you should work with us

1.Align to our overarching Purpose

The world stands at a critical inflexion point in the wake of the looming crisis of climate change owing to the greenhouse gas emissions. Automotive emissions are one of the major causes. Some of the impacts such as air and noise pollution, record high temperatures, rising seas, severe flooding and droughts are already increasingly common. The world believes De-carbonization of energy is the need of the hour and Electric Mobility is one of the highly viable solutions. That’s what we at GreenCell are mandated to build and offer to our immediate world.

If you too are keen to create a significant impact in the E-mobility space, GreenCell is the place!

2. Contribute to the future

Electrical Mobility is a sunrise industry and at a tipping point. The sector can be quite disruptive owing to Government’s push and support vide policies, regulations, incentives and the potential investments across the entire value chain and eco-system such as e-vehicle manufacturing, battery technology and charging infrastructure.

Currently, with low levels of penetration, it’s an amazing opportunity for GreenCell to leapfrog into clean energy area of mobility and ride the future.

3. Be part of History in the Making

Rarely do we have the opportunity to be a witness to an epic journey. And, the journey has just begun. As an Electric Mobility-as-a-Service (eMaaS) company, we aim to become the leading provider of end to end, on demand shared green transportation wherein, we will own and operate shared EVs, initially e-buses followed by electric 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers.

We believe It’s time for clean and quiet transportation for all and we are here to make it happen!

4. A Great Team

Some of the truly talented and purpose-led folks have jumped aboard GreenCell. Each one of them comes with expertise in their domain, modest and jovial yet resolute and hungry to make things happen. More importantly, each one of us knows, none of us is as smart as all of us. A Collegial Work Environment is what we all operate in!

5. Our People & Culture

Respect, Patience, Dignity, Sensitivity, Diversity and Honor is the hallmark of our approach towards People, regardless of position or workload. Equally, of paramount importance is a healthy, high performance culture focused on execution of strategies and making things happen.

Our performance culture encourages entrepreneurial spirit, critical questioning, innovation, continuous improvement, meaningful work, small wins, breakthrough, forward movement and goal completion.

6. Employee Resource Groups

From social network groups to think tank type groups that directly impact the business, that’s what ERG at GreenCell is about. It is an opportunity that allows the voices of employees to be heard and the power of diverse thinking and ideas to influence the new ground-rules that define our workplace and our culture at GreenCell.

7. Development Opportunities

We use a research-based, time tested guideline for development of our People at GreenCell – through three clusters of experience, using a 70-20-10 ratio: challenging assignments (70%), developmental relationship (20%), and classroom training (10%).

Also, where we think it is deserving, we may provide financial assistance to employees to enable them pursue learning opportunities for professional development.

8. Volunteer Days

We are committed to the causes that our employees are passionate about through sharing of time, skills and financial support. We encourage Team GreenCell to take part in community volunteering activities for legally recognized NGOs and community organizations. To enable this, we offer two paid days for volunteering.

9. Social Events & Activities

Employee gatherings, team building activities, festival celebrations, cultural programs, picnics, sports, surprise parties. All this just to let go of some steam, relax and enjoy!

10. Health, Wellness & Insurance

A healthy, successful and a sustainable organization is what we would like to create. Stress reduction programs, health risk assessments, exercise programs and activities, nutrition education, qigong / tai-chi etc. are some of the initiatives besides a thorough EHS policy and employee insurances – Term life, Mediclaim, Personal Accident to cater to unforeseen incidents of hospitalization, accident or a death.

Our Culture

Think Big, Think out of the Orbit

We Seek Growth, internally or externally, organically or inorganically

We bet on our People and their possibilities

Open Doors, Open Minds

No time-No interest to play politics

Infectious enthusiasm is what we spread, no other virus

Trust and Responsibility in all relationships

Achieve More, With Less

Excellence – Some label it Quality, others call it Performance, does not matter

Make things Happen

Whistling a Symphony is impossible, it requires an orchestra to play it

Fun at Work